The Earth Diet

Ahh, where to begin? For a long time, I've struggled to find a dietary alternative to the consumerism trend of fast "food", processed products, and chemical laden junk. I have health issues of my own that are exacerbated by these things, and at least one of my children is sensitive to them as well. In my quest to find foods that were both conducive to our health, and congruous with my personal belief system, we stumbled many times. We tried to eliminate red dye and refined sugar. We tried gluten free and casein free. We were long advocates of soy, yet the rise of GMOs and other such issues filled me with guilt towards the end and that too was abandoned. The closest we ever came to something that worked for us, physically and ethically, was a slightly modified Paleolithic diet. It worked for us, but still didn't feel quite right.

Night after night of research, book after book of information. It got to where my head hurt just thinking about it. There were bits and pieces of each method that appealed to me. There were bits and pieces of each method that just made no sense at all. I struggled to find something that blended the best of all of them, discarding the rest.  With no formal training in nutrition, I was at a complete loss. I knew what I wanted, and I knew what I didn't want. I just didn't know how to merge it into a complete dietary lifestyle. 

Until one day, I came across the EARTH DIET. When I first found it, it was simply a stub on wikipedia. That was all it took. It was simple, basic, easy to follow, all-encompassing... AND it allowed for personal adaptation. We could work it into our lifestyle as we saw fit. It was, essentially, exactly what I'd been hunting for. I was instantly drawn to it. Further research, more reading. It all made sense to me now. Everything was exactly as I thought a diet should be. It was fun, filled with variety, allowed for personal preference, cost effective, covered all the basic human dietary needs, and it shared my pro-natural/anti-processed views. This was it! What I had been hunting for all along. 

The Earth Diet is relatively simple in principle. The principle claims of the Earth Diet are:

  • The Earth Diet is a lifestyle that focuses on the abundance of what the earth naturally provides.
  • The Earth Diet replaces processed foods with foods that the earth naturally provides.
  • The Earth Diet reduces the chemical burden on the body.
  • The Earth Diet encompasses all foods that the earth provides naturally: fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, spices and meats.
  • The Earth Diet is for everyone. children and adults, vegetarians, vegans, meat eaters, sweet lovers, rawists and fruitarians.
  • The Earth Diet is nourishment for the body.
  • The Earth Diet designs challenges and cleanses for weight loss, weight gain, weight maintaining, detoxification and more.
  • The Earth Diet is sugar free, soy free, preservative free, MSG free, GMO free, hormone free, artificial anything free.
  • The Earth Diet is cooked foods AND raw foods.
  • The Earth Diet provides suggestions for the most natural and authentically healthy foods and products available on the market.
  • The Earth Diet is healthy for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • The Earth Diet provides an opportunity to increase metabolism.
  • The Earth Diet cleanses and detoxifies.
  • The Earth Diet appreciates what the earth has to offer and is grateful for every meal.
  • The Earth Diet is organic whenever possible.
  • The Earth Diet is raw whenever possible.
  • The Earth Diet is eating seasonally whenever possible.

And to that end, it met all of my requirements. It eliminated processed/artifical crap, incorporated fresh foods, promoted ethically responsible purchases and catered to more than just the physical well-being that most diets concerned themselves with. It was, for us at least, absolutely perfect. And so it began. Recipes were collected, meal plans devised. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun and the options were plentiful. Incorporating some of our favourite dietary practices (smoothies for breakfast, bento box lunches, fun fruit-based desserts and veggie-based snacks) became easier to do than with any previous diet, and the simple/natural approach felt fulfilling spiritually as well. 

As time wears on, I will share pics and recipes, meal plans and more. I'll also touch base on supplements that we take and how we administer them (I won't lie, fish oil tastes nasty). Ultimately though, perhaps the best part of this diet is that there are no real "rules" beyond the basic principles. You eat what you like, you avoid what you don't. You do what works for you. You own it, you make it yours, you design it around YOUR particular needs/wants/desires. How awesome is that?


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  1. SaintPandemic

    Sounds good. Soy is poison and I’m glad I never used it. This gluten craze is ridiculous too. Only people with Celiac disease should follow it and they could turn that around. Bran was another calculated craze and is actually a waste product part of the grain.

    July 29, 2012
  2. kitchendining

    I’m considering trying the earth diet program, hopefully this method gives significant results for my weight loss program. affordable price food processor

    May 29, 2014